NTC launches a new range of “Carbon Free” Masterbatches”

Carbon black is a pigment manufactured by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, Coal, tire recycling, ethylene cracking tar, etc.

¿Which are the new masterbatch manufacturing processes?

First of all, what is a masterbatch? Masterbatch is a color concentrate, specifically of the granular type, consisting of a mixture of pigments or colorants, additives and resins that act as vehicles. […]

What are the advantages of biomethanization over composting??

What are biomethanization and biogas? Biomethanization is a process in which a natural selection of microorganisms decomposes organic matter through anaerobic digestion, in the absence of oxygen, into biogas and a stabilized […]

How to measure the color and brightness of a product?

The appearance of a product is one of the main reasons for buying by consumers, and is instinctively associated with its quality. All materials have the ability to reflect and absorb the […]

Biodegradable plastics and compostable masterbatch

In accordance with changes in EU waste legislation and according to the harmonized standard “EU-EN-13432”, the use of biological raw materials for plastic and compostable packaging favors the reduction of environmental pollution […]

Anti-block PET dor using in film, sheets or plates

Our new anti-block PET complements our new line of additives for PET. Anti-block PET is recommended for using in film, sheets, or plates, giving to the material an optimal anti-blocking effect during […]

New Colorpet Slider, injection moulding of PET preforms

A new development for injection moulding of PET preforms, adding to our list of additives and colorants for polymers and resins. One of major disadvantages of PET preform manufacturers is the large […]

Our new thermochromic masterbatch

Our new thermochromic masterbatch has been designed for applications that need to identify a change in temperature during use.

sliding for PET preforms

The NTC SLU SLIDING for PET preforms, is a product that has been designed to fulfil a double function: – To increase the speed of the PET, preform along the blowing machine’s […]


The Project aims to develop a new biodegradable cardboard-plastic packaging with oxygen barrier properties. NTC will be responsible for selecting and formulating the barrier materials, for their processing in the form of finished polymer and for assessing the properties of the final polymer.